Welcome to the pages about the art of English Change Ringing. The density map shows how the main areas for change ringing are in England hence the name English Change Ringing. A few other countries colonised by the British have bells hung for change ringing too.

You will find a number of topics in the About Ringing section designed for people ranging from the curious to those actual learning to ring Church Tower Bells. Perhaps you have read "The Nine Taylors" by Dorothy L Sayer, and are just curious to find out more. Please have a look around the Virtual Tour section too, where you will find lots of pictures from inside a bell tower.

The Worcestershire and Districts Change Ringing Association, who operate this web site, represent the people who ring Church bells in this part of the country.

Association members may find some of the items in the Knowledge Base section of interest to them. It describes how to splice ropes, muffling bells and a page of links to other useful web sites.